tisdag 11 mars 2008


French actor Jean Marais has an interesting look going on. It appears he is wearing a mink-trimmed blazer over his suit blazer. It's kind of a matching set. It would be hard to pull off today, but it is inspiring nonetheless. Marnes-la-Coquette, France, 1963.
Amanda Brooks
Amanda Brooks is a fashion consultant who has written about style for Vogue and the New York Times Magazine. She is married, has two children, and lives in New York City.

Fur Sighted:
I do know men who can carry off wearing a fur coat. My stepfather, for instance, has a coyote parka that he wears at his house in the Adirondacks. I also have a more scruffy friend in his thirties who looks utterly convincing in a vintage beaver overcoat. But beyond that it's challenging for me to think of many cases where men pull off wearing an abundance of fur. However a bit of fur, most popularly a fur collar, is a different story. There are tons of options--a bomber jacket with a shearling collar, a down parka with a raccoon collar, or an overcoat with Persian lamb collar being among my favorites. And while an uptown man looks great wearing a fur-trimmed winter coat with a polished business look, I tend to think downtown guys look better if they dress down their fur with jeans and sneakers for a younger, more laid-back look.
Gentlemen Prefer Tweed:
The great thing about tweed is that it lends an air of traditional good taste to any look -- so much so that you can afford to mix it up a bit, add some irony, or try something new without risking too much. I've seen guys using tweed as a foil to a ridiculously bright colored shirt, crazy rock star hair, or just as a way to give a bit of dignity to downtown grunge. If it weren't for the reliably classic effect of tweed, I'm pretty sure I would have just passed them by, but I didn't -- I stopped and took a second glance. Even Albert Einstein, with his droopy face and mad scientist hair.
Bombers Away:
As you've probably noticed, I have a thing for guys in military clothes, and bomber jackets are no exception. Maybe it's a holdover from a Top Gun obsession in my teenage years, or just that uniform thing I've talked about before. Regardless of whether you look like Tom Cruise--or not!--men look great in all incarnations of the bomber jacket--from the most authentic version worn by the Alaskan Air Force during World War II to edgy downtown reinterpretations created by forward-thinking designers. There are also lots of fabrics nowadays for grounded wingmen to choose from. While I am personally most partial to the teal nylon Army-Navy version with a fur collar, or the straight-out-of-the-war-photo shearling version, I do in fact like most kinds I've seen on the street and online, including Axl Rose's leather version (complete with Guns N' Roses logo) from the nineties.

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